Always find time for the things that make you happy to be alive

There’s no greater feeling than to be around people who genuinely care about your happiness. This year taught me that people in your life may come and go but true friends and family will stick with you through it all. 6.23.2014(the best date¬†EVER btw), could not have been more perfect for me. I was not only able to celebrate my life but I also wanted to celebrate how God has also blessed my life with so many wonderful people. This year has been a year of experiences and lessons learned and I would not take any moment back. I know that every laugh, cry, argument, ended/blossomed friendship, and EVERY feeling I felt was exactly what I had to go through to be able to genuinely smile and say that I absolutely love the life I live!
When your smile is genuine, it shows!!
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Outfit: You know that moment when you’re trying to find the perfect outfit for your birthday but after taking several trips to hundreds (I may be exaggerating a tiny bit lol) of stores nothing is just quite good enough for your special day. That was what I was struggling with weeks before my birthday, then I realized that the only person that could create exactly what I wanted to wear, was me! With the leftover fabric I had laying around I made a design, sent my idea and fabric to my seamstress and with a few alterations done by myself….. Volia!!!! Exactly what I imagined! I was in love with my birthday fit and would definitely make plenty more rompers to wear for other occasions!
Fabric: AfricanPremier at
Cake: Mimi’s Cakes & Crafts (Cincinnati, Ohio)