A few months ago my clothing line was chosen to be in the University of Cincinnati Fashion Show. This Spring show is a way to get local designers and stylist to be able to get their name out there and give them exposure. The show is a big deal in the community and brings hundreds of¬†people out. A couple years ago, I would have never in a millions years guessed I would ever do a fashion show and love it! I’m the type of person who gets embarrassed when the attention is solely on me. But surprisingly, this is my second year doing it. Adrenaline pumping, rushing backstage to get models together annnnd you can’t forget those things that you would never expect to go wrong, go wrong…. It all sounds a bit chaotic, right?! Which is why I tell myself every year, I’m never doing a fashion show again but somehow every time I try to go, something keeps pulling me back, me back telling me I need it in my life. (no Chingy! Get it?! lol!) But seriouslyyy, I think the gratification and support I receive from doing fashion shows is what draws me back. Overall, I was very pleased with all the Talent in the show. It’s always great to see young talented individuals working towards their passion; It also motivates me to do the same. These last two years, I’ve received so much great feedback and experience which is very rewarding to me and only helps me improve for the future.

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Styled by Me
Seamtress: Unity Kuartang & myself
Models pictured: From 2013 Fashion Show. 2014 models pictured on my website.