On October 1, 1960, 54 years ago, Nigeria gained independence from the United Kingdom. 54 years later, despite the challenges and issues Nigeria has faced we are tackling those obstacles and still have remained one nation.

When I was younger, I never really appreciated my culture. Going to the Nigerian parties with my family and dance… dance… dancing until the wee hours of the morning just seemed like something to do. But I never understood, why? Now that I’m older, I could not be more proud to be Nigerian. I could not be more appreciative to know my families history, my Nigerian history, and to be able to walk the sandy roads of the exact village my family is from. Which not a lot of people could say. Nigeria is so rich in culture, heritage, artifacts and landscapes and for that very reason, I use every chance I get to learn something new about my culture esp. on Independence day; whether it is talking to my parents, a fellow Nigerian, attending events or even reading books. The more I learn about the history, the people, the languages, the traditions, and the music the more I can say I whole-heartedly love my culture.

I know that every good has its bad and every country has its problems. I also know that many  people will disagree when saying Nigeria is 54 years strong but I’m using our Independence day to focus on the positivity, the things that we have overcome and the things that we are working towards to progress and improve Nigeria’s future. I only pray that these next years we excel and it brings more growth, peace, and unity to our nation.


Nigerian Independence Day Parade

I had the pleasure of being in NYC to experience the Nigerian Independence Day Parade and what amazingness that was! I was so happy to be around my fellow Nigerians, dance until my feet hurt and eat my favorite Nigerian meals that I missed so much. Whether you’re Nigerian or not, it is definitely an event worth attending!

What I wore:

I made a 3/4″ crop top with a matching two-tone skort (skirt with shorts). Paired with destroyed tights, camel colored booties and was forced to wear my leather jacket since it was cold.


Nigerian Independence Day Parade NYC

Nigerian Independence Day Parade NYC