Going back home, to Nigeria, in a way always keeps me grounded. Seeing and realizing that everyone’s life truly is different is such an eye opener. I had the opportunity to go to Ethiopia and Nigeria this time around and it was absolutely one of the best trips back home.

Rewinding to 2 weeks before the trip anyone can tell you I was very hesitant about going. From the media, I didn’t think it was a good time or idea to go especially because it was election season. The unknowing of what may take place or happen while my family was there left me very uneasy. But I put my fear aside and decided to go. And it just so happen to be an amazing trip! Honestly, I hate that the news only shows Nigeria in a negative light. Yes, every country has its problems and Nigeria is no different but I wish people could see the good and not only the bad. I wish the media would stop showing Nigeria as some type of indigent war ground where no one is safe. There’s so much history and beautiful things there that some people will never see or even know about. I want people to take the leap and experience Africa once in their life…. And I guarantee it will be one of the most meaningful and eye-opening trips you have ever been on.

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